Outwood Cricket Club Sunday 1st XI squad

Sunday 1st XI
Matthew Norman Member profile - no photo available

Captain : Matthew Norman

The legend that is Matthew Norman. The greatest player ever to grace the Outwood wicket. #BigUpStockley
Finest moment: 3 diamond ducks in consecutive weeks
Andrew Norman Member profile - no photo available

Vice Captain : Andrew Norman

Steve Challis Member profile Steve Challis
It has been said he has more blocks than a box of Lego, but once entrenched, Steve 'The Brigadier' Challis becomes the immovable object.  Makes Trevor Bailey's scoring rate look like that of Kevin Peterson and Raul 'The Wall' Dravid look like a 'Ha Ha';  it is often said of the Brigadier, that if you want to hold an end up then he is your man, especially if it is in the bar after a game
Andrew Crawford Member profile Andrew Crawford
Finding my way back into cricket and enjoying it !
Nat Hiscocks Member profile Nat Hiscocks
Grieg Thomson's personal bowling coach
Richard  Hiscocks Member profile Richard Hiscocks
A better bowler than Greig Thomson
Phil Ient Member profile Phil Ient

Has two shots - a forward defensive and out

Like Southern Trains, struggles with achieving a decent line

Keeps wicket on a 1 in 3 roster




Simon  Knight Member profile Simon Knight
Known as the 'Germinator', his slow left arm 'Chinamen' frequently leave batsmen rueing their shot selection.  A slow, looping left arm has given him top billing in wickets taken and a Warne like reputation (Same girth, less hair)
Steve  Maynard Member profile Steve Maynard
I'm only doing this until we can play football again.....

Andrew Mellington Member profile Andrew Mellington
Legendary middle order bat, and slow right arm bowler.  Acquires Bothamesque like powers when donning his woolly pulley won in a club raffle in the summer of '13.  Sadly the powers are not always those associated with a game of cricket
Ashley Middleton Member profile - no photo available Ashley Middleton
Opening Batsman, EX-Wicket Keeper. Maniac on a Motorbike. 
Peter Murray Member profile - no photo available Peter Murray
Incredibly versatile and talented cricketer who would command a place in most test sides in the world.
Greig Thomson Member profile Greig Thomson
The Player formerly known as the Worst Bowler in the world.
Fields like Jonty Rhodes
Bats like Cecil Rhodes
Bowls like Zandra Rhodes
Henry Van der Walt Member profile Henry Van der Walt
 cautious defensive opening bat...
Chris Yeldham Member profile Chris Yeldham
Previously a better batsman than Phil Ient. but now nursing a 50% duck ratio.
Likes to open so he can see the ball before the bowlers sober up, sadly managed to miss several last year..
Hoping to show better mettle this year by wielding an ugly bat.
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